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The posts from 2018-2016 are on our archive site: www.softwarestudies.com.

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We use data science, data visualization and big data to analyze cultural trends and data. For description of our methods, see cultural analytics.

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  • Visual Earth | Analysis of growth of image sharing on Twitter around the world using 270 million geo-coded images | Lev Manovich, Daniil Sergeev, Agustín Indaco, Damon Crockett, and Mehrdad Yazdani


  • Inequaligram | Analysis of 7,442,454 public Instagram images shared in Manhattan over five months | Lev Manovich and Agustín Indaco


  • Selfiecity | Investigating selfies in six global cities using a mix of design, computational, theoretic, and artistic methods | Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner, Daniel Goddemeyer, Dominikus Baur, Jay Chow, Alise Tifentale, Mehrdad Yazdani, and Nadav Hochman
  • On Broadway | Representing life in the 21st century city, commission by the New York Public Library | Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, and Lev Manovich


  • MoMA Photo Collection | Exploratory visualizations of 21,000 historical photos from MoMA Photography Collection | Nadav Hochman and Lev Manovich
  • SelfieSãoPaulo | Site-Specific Visualization of Selfies on São Paulo's Largest Media Façade for for SP_Urban Festival | Moritz Stefaner, Jay Chow, Lev Manovich
  • Taipei Phototime | Installation that captures, visualizes, and analyzes new Instagram images in real time | Jay Chow and Lev Manovich
  • The Exceptional and the Everyday: 144 hours in Kyiv | Analysis of the use of Instagram during the Ukrainian revolution (February 17-22, 2014) using computational and visualization techniques | Lev Manovich, Mehrdad Yazdani, Alise Tifentale, and Jay Chow, with contributions by Svitlana Matviyenko and Elizabeth Losh
  • Phototrails: animated | Animated version of Phototrails project, commissioned for Google Zeitgest 2014 conference | Nadav Hochman, Lev Manovich, and Jay Chow


  • Phototrails | What do millions of Instagram photographs tell us about the world? | Nadav Hochman, Lev Manovich, and Jay Chow
  • Visualizing Vertov | Visualization Analysis of Russian Avant-garde Cinema | Lev Manovich


  • Google Logo Space | visualization of design variations in 587 Google logos | Jeremy Douglass
  • Veja.vis | Visualizing 2.200 covers of Veja Magazine (Brazil) | Marcio Santos and Cicero Silva


  • Mondrian vs Rothko | Comparing stylistic "footprints" of two modern artists | Lev Manovich
  • vanGogh.viz | exploring Vincent van Gogh paintings with ImagePlot | Lev Manovich
  • Remix.viz | Analyzing YouTube video remixes | Eduardo Navas
  • ObamaVideo.viz | President Obama's online weekly addresses | Elizabeth Losh, Jeremy Douglass, Tara Zepel


  • One Million Manga Pages | visualizations of 1,074,790 pages from 883 manga series from Japan, Korea, and China | Jeremy Douglass, William Huber, Lev Manovich, and Tara Zepel
  • Science and Popular Science | Analyzing the Visual Strategies in the Science and Popular Science Magazines, 1872-2007 | William Huber, Tara Zepel, and Lev Manovich
  • PoliticalVideoAds.viz | 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign ads | Tara Zepel
  • Kingdom Hearts.viz | Visualizing 100 hours of Kingdom Hearts gameplay | William Huber
  • Freakangels.viz | Temporal patterns in a web comic | Jeremy Douglass



Selected Student Projects, 2008-2009

Theory, Methods, Tools, 2008-2011