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Instagram and Contemporary Image (2016)

by Lev Manovich

This new book combines qualitative and quantitative methods to offer analysis of contemporary photography created by millions of Instagram users worldwide.


The posts from 2018-2016 are on our archive site: www.softwarestudies.com.

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12 October 2016

"What Makes Photo Cultures Different?" We compare images shared in five global cities along 1000 dimensions

  • Stylistic clusters of Architecture images. Detail.

Our paper compares content, photo techniques and visual styles of 100,000 Instagram images shared in a number of global cities. We use computer vision to detect 1000 types of content and 50 aesthetic features and then compare the images on these dimensions using three different methods.

23 July 2016

Inequaligram: How do Cities Look on Instagram?

  • To visually show the differences in image-sharing by the city’s locals and visitors, we plot the locations of 200,000 images randomly selected from our dataset. See more images on the project web site, Inequaligram.net.

How does a city such as New York is represented in millions of Instagram posts created by locals and visitors? Which parts of a city receive most attention and which remain invisible? How can we quantify and measure these patterns? We investigate these questions using methods from economics and cultural analytics.