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Instagram and Contemporary Image

by Lev Manovich

This 2017 book available free online combines qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze contemporary photography created by millions of Instagram users worldwide.


The posts from 2018-2016 are on our archive site: www.softwarestudies.com.

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13 July 2018

Exploring photography magazine Sovetskoe Foto, 1926–1991

  • Montage of all available Sovetskoe Foto covers published between 1926 and 1991 (detail). Visualization by Alise Tifentale, image editing by Lev Manovich. Scroll down to see full-size image in Figure 1.

Published in Moscow, Russia, from 1926 to 1991, Sovetskoe Foto (Soviet Photography) was the only specialized photography magazine in the Soviet Union, aimed at a broad audience of professional photojournalists and amateur photographers. As such, it is unequaled in representing the official photographic culture of the USSR throughout the history of this country. We explore the digital archive of Sovetskoe Foto to find out what it can tell us about the history of this remarkable magazine and the twentieth-century photography in general.

02 July 2018

Japanese Translation of “Instagram and Contemporary Image” by Lev Manovich

  • Top: Cover of the Japanese translation of Instagram and Contemporary Image by Lev Manovich (2018). Bottom: Book pages showing selected Instagram images from a number of users from Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Japanese translation of Instagram and Contemporary Image, a 2017 book by Lev Manovich.