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22 September 2017

On Broadway on view in the exhibition "You Are Here NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping"

  • View of the exhibition. Photo: Lev Manovich.

  • View of the exhibition. Photo: Lev Manovich.

Our interactive installation On Broadway is included in the exhibition You Are Here NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping at The Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York City, September 22 - November 15, 2017.

The exhibition of New York City maps and cartography-based artworks is curated by Katharine Harmon, author of You Are Here – NYC: Mapping the Soul of the City, with Jessie Braden, Director, Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative, Pratt Institute.

According to The Pratt Manhattan Gallery, “In recent decades, increasing numbers of artists have used mapping imagery and concepts in their work—and more recently, elements of data analysis. Simultaneously, geospatial analysts are grasping the importance of strong information visualization."

"The exhibition features a selection of contemporary artists, designers, and data analysts who address a question currently surfacing in the art/design zeitgeist: in what forms can information visualization become art, and how can artists make data visible? Together the works in this exhibition, all maps of the city, show a melding of information visualization and artistic endeavor. Each piece can be placed on a continuum, with art on one end and data visualization on the other, and ranging between adjectives: ambiguous/concrete, personal/public, intuitive/objective, informational/emotional. No matter where the maps fall, their creators are communicating underlying verities—whether evidence-based truths or more pliant, relative "truths"—about life in an endlessly fascinating and dynamic metropolis," claims the introduction to the exhibition.

Learn more about the exhibition on The Pratt Manhattan Gallery website: https://www.pratt.edu/events/exhibitions/pratt-manhattan-gallery/.

Learn more about our project On Broadway: http://lab.culturalanalytics.info/2016/04/on-broadway.html.